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London Continued.

overcast -3 °C

Today was shopping day. We headed off to Regent Street, it is so close to us that it was the obvious place to start. There were lots of shops, including Tommy Hilfiger, GAP, Banana Republic, H&M and Quicksilver. Yes, that’s right, Quicksilver. Must say it was very weird. We just had to go inside to check it out. They only had 4 pairs of swimmers, I know its London but it was still weird to be in quicksilver and have almost no swimmers. At the end of the shopping expedition I was the only one who had bought something (which was just a simple shop). It seems to be that the shopping was a fail (mostly because it’s all so expensive). We ventured into Top Shop and it was completely overwhelming. There were so many things, and you couldn’t thoroughly go through everything. And it was on three floors. Too much stuff.

On the return back to the hostel, we found a nice chocolate shop and we just couldn’t go past strawberries dipped in chocolate. Having just eaten all of mine, I can say they were absolutely delicious and will probably venture back there to get more tomorrow :D

I don’t think I have mentioned the shower situation. We have a shower on our floor, (which only has three rooms) however we can’t figure out how to turn it on. We tried for a while and have figured that the shower is broken. We have turned it the temperature on, and then the water to “on” and it just doesn’t do anything. The showers on the other floors don’t have doors just curtains. I really hope that it isn’t like this for the rest of my trip as I might very well die! We are situated on the top floor, the elevator doesn’t even come up this far! We have only caught the elevator twice, so have walked up to level 8 each day, that and the walking round, hopefully I will lose some of the weight that I’m pretty sure I have put on in North America.

I will be travelling a lot through Europe and am unsure if I will be able to get on the internet that often. However as I arrive in South Africa a full day before meeting up with Kelsey and the rest of ISV, I should be able to do a massive update/photo upload then. So you might have to wait three weeks! But hopefully/probably not.

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It's London Baby

snow -3 °C

On my way to London I couldn't get Joey from Friends out of my head and his "London Baby". The flight over was pritty good, the guy next to me moved so we both had a row to ourselves. However the tv and movies were terrible! i was like I have nothing to watch for 7 hours. I succumed to watching Bones and How I Met Your mother, episodes I had seen about 10 times. The food was good too, egg omelette with cheese, strawberries, pineapple. Really good!

I met with Catherine at Heathrow airport. Her flight arrived an hour before mine, however my flight was delayed and delayed again. First at JFK, for half an hour, and then at heathrow a plane was at our gate and instead of organising another gate we had to wait for the plane to leave. It was at this point that I began feeling really bad that catherine was waiting for me! so i powered through customs and bag collection to get there.

We are staying in a hostel, only us in a room. And we have no heating in our room. The building is heated but the room doesnt appear to be. With only two blankets we are sleeping in the same bed to keep warm. (also the bunk above the double bed looks like it will fall if too much weight is on it). Having not seen each other in little under a month, we stayed up talking to almost 4 am. (with a late night stroll down the road) We had planned to go on a free walking tour of london at 10 30. Needless to say that that did not happen. Luckily they had the same tour at 1pm too. So we went to that one. The sun was shining! a Rariety. however withen 20 minutes of the tour it was snowing. Yup thanks London, variety almost as bad as Melbourne. Catherine was not prepared for the snow, and we thought we would have to leave the tour early. However the snow then passed. We saw lots of sights, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abby, and much more.

The Fanta here is not Fanta! it looks weird and tastes weird! i miss normal fanta! especially since in America they like never have fanta either. WHAT IS WITH THAT?? We have bought tickets to see Avatar tonight, quiet expensive now that i think about it. But hopefully it will be worth it. Catherine is obsessed with having caramal popcorn and insists that we must get it (having worked at hoyts and almost being asked for caramel/sweet popcorn).

I think that is all I have to update right now. will try to upload some photos later on. But for now I am off to go shopping in LONDON! and probably have to send home another lot of things :(


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Goodbye New York :(

overcast 3 °C

I Loved New York and really didn't want to leave, an extra day or two would have been perfect and I am already planning on returning. (Although probably not very soon as I am currently very broke)

So I went to see the statue of liberty, and I can't believe the security. As tight as the airport. I can understand but since I had a special ticket which allowed me to go inside the statue to the observation deck, I had to go through another lot of security. What we could have gotten after going through security I dont know. And I had to wait in a line for over an hour. it was completely ridiculous. If going again i would organise way in advance to get a crown ticket, so you dont have to wait in like any of the lines, although you have to book atleast a month in advance which is bad coz if you get bad weather you wont be able to see anything! So as it took so long I decided against going to Ellis island as I had other things I wanted to do. Which at the moment i cant really remember what i did, (i am in an interent cafe so i cant just check)

But I went to washington square park, there was a lot of construction/restoration going on (which appears to be all over the city) which kind of took away from the impact. Another reason why I want to come back in like summer, so i can see everything hopefully without the construction. Um.. So i cant remember what i did the rest of that day..

On my last full day, I spent 2 hours, thats right TWO HOURS in the US post office. What a waste of time, I had a lot of things i wanted to get done but couldnt because it took so long. The lady persisted in saying that it was because of the holidays, while that may be true having only one window open near the holidays is just stupid. After that went back to Tiffanys (i just couldnt help myself) By the time I had finished browsing i went to TGI fridays for lunch. It took forever for the food to come. When I left, i was walking down toward the subway in times square, when i here a guy running behind me, he then stops me to give me his number. Apparently they do that kinda thing all the time. He told me I liked the way i looked. It was really weird. At first i didnt realise what he had said, and i couldnt really read his hand writting coz it was just so childish!!

After that i then started the long trek to my airport hotel. I had looked up on the interent how to get there, two trains, 1 bus and walking for 15 minutes. It was then that i realised that my hotel had a free shuttle service so instead of catching two trains, one bus and walking that all i had to do was catch one train (for over an hour!) to the airport and then go on the airport "airtrain". The interent had said the shuttle leaves frmo terminal 3, however federall circle (or something similiar to that) was where all the hotel shuttles left so decided to go instead.

And that concludes my North American leg. and i cant wait to go back!

(will add photos later)

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New York, New York

rain 3 °C

I must start by restating how much I love the Vancouver airport, they have fish tanks and bridges and everything inside! Plus free wireless so its my favourite airport so far. My flight was delay, not 100% sure why as I personally didn't think the weather was THAT bad. but obviously it was. I flew with Cathay Airways, and I must say it has been one of my favourite airlines, the food was really good, and i was surprised they served food as it was only a four hour flight. By the time we had taken off and food was served there wasnt much time for sleeping. I think i got about an hours sleep. Which was bad cause i was arriving in JFK at 6am! Took ages to get through customs, much worse then at LAX.

Public transport is pritty good in NY, just need to know what train your getting on (either a number or letter) and then make sure it stops at your stop and you're going the right way! Much better then getting a taxi or anything like that. Upon Arriving at my Hotel, I decided i would just wonder round, starting with the Staten Island ferrie (afterall it was free). I was unsure how to get there, but the bus driver (the second one i asked anyway) was really nice and told me when to get off and which one to catch. However I was so tired and the bus took so long that i was falling asleep on the bus, AND I'm pritty sure it took approx. 2 hours on the bus. NEVER catch a bus in NYC!! the subway is so much quicker. I also learnt that everyone uses their horn. AT every set of lights about 5 cars will "honk" it. People are so impatient. The Ferry was pritty cool, and as it was cold not many people were out side so it wasn't that hard to get in a good position. The ferry back though was much better then over. I just liked it better.

I have gotten into the habit of deciding on one places to start the day and then just wonder round to the places nearby. Has worked pritty well for me. So I then wondered to Madison Square Garden and the Empire State building. The weather was pritty good, so the visibility was good from the top of the Empire State Building. However I do think that it is a rip off, you pay $20, no student discount, to go to the top of the building walk around and then come back down (may be slightly over exagerating) but the amount of people that go up, they must be making a killing. I then went to the New York Public library, that's right i went into a library while on holidays! The Burnaby Garden is behind the Library. Because its so close to Xmas and the holidays lots of the parks and public areas are getting work done. At Burnaby they put up lots of stalls. i think i would have preferred to see it as it normally is but was still cool to see it. Especially the fountain that was half frozen and covered in ice.

Having driven through Times Square while on the bus (and when i was awake) i had already decided that i would have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, the food was pritty good, and was interesting to eat their, with the memorabilia and everything. I was going to stay til it got dark, but decided that I just couldn't stay away that long. After making my way to subway, and getting off at the right stop, in the sleepy daze i walked in the wrong direction for two blocks and then was confused when i didnt walk into the Museum of Natural History. It was then that i realised i had walked west instead of east.

Yesterday, I started off the day in Central Park. I ended up spending about 2 hours there and still have so much more to see. I saw a few areas that have been in gossip girl and quiet a few different movies. The water was half frozen, only the middle bit of the lakes was not frozen. I then walked along 5th Avenue and went to FAO schwarz and Tiffany and Co. There was a line almost around the block to get into FAO. It was crazy! SO many kids, another thing i shoudl have thought about, it was a saturday close to christmas. SHould have known.

I have seen so many limos in NYC. Atleast one on every street. Silly rich people it takes twice as long to drive round NYC as it would to catch a train. I went to rockefeller centre, twice, once at night time. AT night it was ridiculous. It looked awesome but trying to get out was so bad, i think i was stuck in the same spot for atleast 10 minutes. People were pushing, shoving, kids were getting squished it was horrible. I would have thought that since it probably happens every year that the NYPD would have developed a line like system or something to deal with it.

I went to the M&Ms world shop, decided that I didn't need to buy any tops as I already have about 20 form work. But it was cool to be there. there were three levels, THREE of M&Ms merchandise. The stalls along the street are also good to buy the I <3 NY. I got a pink one and a pink scarf (Note to self: stop buying pink things). Its funny seeing the difference in prices, some sell for like $10 were you can get some as cheap as $1. Mine since it was pink was a little more. but still pritty good for a top. There are also places that have like $10 for 10 tops. WHo would want 10 NY tops i dont know.

Today was a pritty miserable day, cold and rainy. WHile the rain isnt heavy its very constant. so i decided to sleep in a bit, and have a slow day. I went to the trade centre site, century 21 (department store, got cheap guess and calvin klein stuff), brooklyn brigde (after walking in the wrong direction for like 4 blocks) after walking back from the brooklyn bridge i saw about 13 cop cars with their sirens on going over the bridge.

Tomorrow I am going to Ellis island. Well this was a massive update, sorry if i bored you! will upload photos when the internet isnt being annoying/when i can be bothered :P

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Exploring Canada


Well today is the last day that I am in Vancouver, so its a bit sad to be leaving this gorgeous country but I am so excited to be going to New York!! I have done quiet a lot in Vancouver and I honestly can't remember many names of places, or anything so you will have to forgive me!

On Sunday we ventured to Stanley Park so that I could go to the Vancouver Aquirum and Jen went to a Cafe to study. (However after talking to her I found out that she got distracted in Stanley Park after dropping me off and hadn't been at the cafe for very long). The Aquirum was very nice, and I loved the dophins. The Bulgas were pritty cool too. I went to the dolphin "show" and it really is amazing how smart they are. Just a simple hand movement and they know exactly what to do, speed around the edge, jump out of the water etc.


I also saw the Seal show, and after watching the dolphin show was actually kinda disappointed as it wasn't as energy packed. But they were still very cute doing high fives and everything. They also had an area with birds from the Amazon, which was so much hotter then everywhere else so was kinda a shock to the body. And I though kinda weird to have birds at an Aquarium but anway. There was a crocodile which didnt move at all the whole time i was watching it (which i must admit wasnt that long).


After i had looked around I went to meet Jen, and I didnt get lost! GO ME! but the bus drivers are soo much better then Australia. On the way back to SFU we happened to come across a set, dont know what was filming, but they had these massive lights in the street and (i'm pritty sure) they were filming side. So that wss pritty cool.


On Monday Jen had class so I stayed at SFU, I went walking around the campus and through some of the trails that surround the campus. It was very exhausting. but was good to have a kinda "slow" day as i had been getting very exhausted. and going to bed really early too which is so different for me! The Sunsets here are A-MAZ-ING! and they last for atleast an hour. Since the weather has been awesome the whole time I have been here the sunsets are even better and it helps that we are on top of a hill.


On Tuesday we went iceskating. I was a bit worried as I hadn't been iceskating in probably 6 years, and even then i wasnt very good at all. There was a moment, stepping onto the ice, where i was like argh what am i thinking. I did almost an entire lap holding onto the edge getting used to the "slipperiness". Jen however had no trouble and was zipping round in no time. I lost count of the amount of times she went flying past me.


The arena was then bombarded by about 20 little kids, almost all of them using the plastic frames to help them stand up, which was hard to go around. And even with the stands they still managed to fall over.


After iceskating, I met up with John Sharpe (my granddad's mum's cousin). I had told him what i would wear so that he could see me, I tried to say i would wear a white beani and grey jacket. However they dont call them beanis here they are tukes (or something like that) so it took a while for me to realise the difference. John and I went out to lunch at white spot, which was very nice and was good to hear about the stuff he had been up to and why he moved to canada (australia took away his citizenship?!). I also learnt that he has never skiied in his life, living in canada and not gone skiing was kind of hard for me to believe. But he was preoccupied trying to get a job.


After Lunch, he drove me to Mount Cypress and was nice to see the Olympic venue. and can you believe you can just drive up and you dont have to pay to go on the mountain! After Looking around Mount Cypress, he dropped me off in Gastown and I wondered around for a bit. When on my way home to SFU I accidently walked through downtown east. (pritty sure its east). Jen has mentioned on my first day to stay away from downtown east as it was a "bad area" and the buses don't even stop in it. So I had a quick panic as i realised i was walking through downtown east, and then put my head down and walked as fast as I could. I had somebody say "you have a nice jacket" and I started to walk even faster. But I made it through okay.

Yesterday Jen and I went to Mount Seymour to go skiing/snowboarding. We got up there before the lifts were open (they open at 9:30 how late is that!). I hired my board and was a bit worried as I am so used to my beautiful board. And there was a moment of confusing as the lady didn't know what I meant by "natural" as they call it "regular". She assumed i meant "goofy" which i personally dont get as i would have thought it made more sense for "natural" = "regular". Jen and I were about the 5th and 6th people to go up the lift and down the runs! It was so nice, and the snow was so "sparkly" not like our snow back home. Their idea of "green" would also probably be a "blue" home. It took me a bit to get used to the different board, and the wind was killing my face! My cheeks were so red that when i returned the board the guy commented on it. Thanks I really wanted to feel more selfconscious about my bright red cheeks. There was only about 20 people on the slopes all day, and we barely had anyone else on the runs we were on which is so much better then the crowded slopes at home, and never had to wait in the line. Not once. While going down a run (which looked not steep at all from the lift but turned out to be almost vertical) i found my self at the bottom of the steep bit standing up and then next second I know I'm on my back sliding down into a ditch. Still have no idea what happened.


So I woke up this morning with very sore calf but apart from that my body is all good. I have packed all (well most of my stuff) up, and just trying to make sure that I dont leave anything behind. As I have already left some toiletries in a Hotel in LA. SO ANNOYING! Any way that is all for now, next time you hear from me I will be in New York. And its suppose to SNOW! I hope it does. It will be slightly warmer then here, but not too much.

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