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well i thought it was time to update you on what has been going on in canada. the canadian airport is so nice, and so far is my favourite airport. every 5 metres there was a sign that said welcome to canada and an arror to where you needed to go, a bit over the top i think, but i guess with the olympics the more signs the better! so im walking to customs, and they have this nice like display area, with water and stuff. so different from the normal boring airports! while going through customs the guy wanted my whole life story! which i thought was a bit weird, and jen said it was too coz they didnt ask her like anything and she was staying for much longer! any way like 3 trains, and 1 bus later i was at her uni. its a very nice movie, where quiet a few movies/shows have been shot. Just near her friends house is the "smallville barn" and i totally want to go there.


So the first full day we went down to downtown vancouver and walked around. i can actually remember many of the streets or park names so ill have to confirm with jen what they are as i basically was just taken places without being told where i was going! but i know we went to davie st where they embraces gays, with rainbow flags all down the street and all bus stops and bins pink! o and i forgot we went to walmart too before going to downtown, the superstore too and it was massive! i still cant believe in the same shop you can buy, fresh fruits and vegies, make up, jewelry, luggage, furniture and so much more!


we went to a beach, with floating pumkins and all! its really quiet nice to look back at the city and then see the snowy mountains too. beach, city, snow. we then went to the innuksa or something (the olympic symbol) which was put there to welcome the boats to vancouver. we had dinner at a place called fatburger, weirdest name for a shop i have seen yet. um i dont really remember what we did after food. o wait we went to granville island, which was cool. and i saw a dog that is seriously a cross between izzy and sandy!! really. and even jen thinks it looked like sandy. we then ventured home as the sun starts to set here at like 4pm. and the temperature drops dramatically once the sun is gone.


Today we went to north vancouver, so we caught the seabus (ferry) across the bay. after walking around the market, we went to a park, again cant remember which one, however its not the one tourists go to, the bridge is 5m shorter, but is free. where as at the other one you have to pay 25! id go for the free one any time.


we walked through the park for quiet a while and then jen decided to go off track and we walked down this big steep hill. it was totally worth it though as the bottom view was great!


so that is pritty much what i have been up to. i will be going iceskating, and skiing at a later date and cant wait!!

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Shopping in Houston

sunny 8 °C

I am currently sitting in Dallas airport waiting for my flight to Vancouver and thought it would be a good time to update everyone. After arriving back from the dude ranch, we went out to dinner for damien's birthday (while his birthday was actually a fair while ago, since he had been sick the dinner was moved a couple of weeks late). We went to um.. cant remember the name, but it was an all you can eat place, with a salad bar in the middle, and the waitors brought round the meat, on these massive metal skewer thingys and cut it off for you. Every one got a piece of cardboard that had one side green and the other side red, to tell when your ready for food. Although sometimes they didnt pay any attention to that!!

The next day we went shopping, and i bought so much stuff! and i LOVE macys!! its so much bettter then like myer and stuff, the people there actually help you find the kind of stuff you want, and its like having a personal shopper. the woman did not think i was 21, something that happened alot, not once did i get asked if i wanted some wine by the waitors and they always took away my glass without asking! i dont look that young!! also they dont have limon lime and bitters over here, i mean come on!! anyway back to shopping, so macys was really good, and then we went to another store (cant rember many name atm as i had 4 hours sleep last nite and its like only 7am here) which had brands for cheap! which is diff what i needed. so i now have like 5 new dresses :D

On tuesday we went to nasa, which was fun! although it was freezing!! and raining and miserable. so the "tram" ride tour wasnt as pleasant as it could have been but it was still cool to see the control room, where the first and last words spoken from out of space was both houston! the green room. "houston we've had a problem". seeing the real size of the capsules and space thingys (brain NOT working right now) was really cool.

Yesterday we did some more shopping, and i got my nails done again. i got this massage aswell, and they were rubbing up my arm (which of course resulted in my arm going bright red) which felt really nice and i also got a neck massage which i really needed. We went to the post office and bought 3 boxes so i can send stuff home. and we almost fit everything in just two boxes!! and if you see how much was put in there you will be amazed i know i was!! last night they took me to a house that does amazing decorations for xmas and halloween, however the silly man had it all up but the lights werent one, but omg he had so much stuff!

i think that is all for now, i will be meeting up with jen morris in vancouver and she is even "picking" me up too. o i had macca's breakfast today, and its so hard to order its so different!! i was scared i wouldnt get what i wanted, but it worked out in the end, but took the woman a while to understand what i wanted.

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Dude Ranch

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Well thanksgiving has been and gone, and it was so crazy in the shops. people everywhere trying to get the food they needed. For the long weekend, Julianne booked us into a Dude ranch in Bandera (which is supposed the cowboy captial of the world or so they say). It was quiet a lad back environment which was good, so i went horse riding, to a rodeo, for a hay ride, camp fire.

The first night was the rodeo. The bulls werent that agressive, however one cowboy did get stepped on. i tried to take photos but the bulls just move too quickly and are just a blur. After they all had their first go (they each get two rides) they did did mutten busting (i think) which involves kids sitting on lambs and hanging on for dear life. the lambs are actually very quick! i did not get one photo of a kid still sitting no a lamb. one of the kids and the lamb went head first into the ground. After that they had (um i cant remember the name) where they get all the kids under 12, go to into the arena, and they released some cows and they had to catch the cows (well really grab the ribbon off their tail. after much convincing luke did it. and then he was the first one to catch it. the cows are really fast too so he cut it off. and then it was the ladies turn. i decided not to do it, coz the ground wasnt too stable and i didnt want to hurt myself. (luke was not very happy about that). but one of the ladies took her shoes off and was running around bare foot, so gross!! she actually caught one as she was really fast. the second one, one of the cowboys had it and was running around,he being tackled by the girls. then they had the barrell racing with horses. and then it was back to the bulls.

the second day there, we did two horse rides (well luke, peter and i did, julianne and damien only did one). i didnt seem to have much luck with my horses, the first one kept walking too fast and annoying the horse in front, and got bite a couple of times by the horse behind so kicked a fair bit. and second my horse did not like peters horse one bit. would kick and like charge after it if he came too close. but the rides were nice. up through the hills and on the second one we went down to the river and got to walk in it, and through it. the water was so clear!

the beds at the place werent that comfortable, and luke snores! and damien did a bit too! so that was interesting, and also the door to the bathroom would close properly! and the reading light would work so it was very hard to read my book. but all in all it was good. Im about to go out for breakfast with julianne again and then we are hitting the shops! i am really missing my hair straightner! my fringe is never doing what i want it too and its driving me crazy!!

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sunny 20 °C

This will only be a short entry, as I don't have much time and my photos are not on this computer but thought (since mum complained :P) that i should give a brief update. So i arrived in houston, going via dallas and had to get up at 430am!! was so early!! but i didnt miss my flight whihc was the important thing. After ariving in Dallas i had to catch my connecting flight in a different terminal and was worried i would get lost. however they have a skyrail which basically a tram that goes between the terminal, meaning that i didnt have to go through security again which was good.

So i arrived in houston, and met my auntie Julianne at the airport. i was scared that i would be at another airport as what happened with matt when he went over. However we were both at the same airport and found each other rather easily. I have been going around with Julianne for the last couple of days getting things ready for thanks giving!! i have been to damiens school about 5 times already, and 3 of those times the footy team was practising!! should have got photos of it. maybe next week. Luke's school in about a house away so he just walks to school. He is much bigger then i remember.

Last night we went to an A&M college bom fire (aggies). the rivalry between the aggies and tu is similar to the collingwood fans and pritty much everyone else :P. But the bom fire was massive, over 2,000 trees were cut down to build it and they were spraying it with diesel fuel. any one for the environment would not have liked it one bit. they also had a cannon. which fired about 5 times. we were withing 10meters of it, and it was so loud, and shook the earth. Car alarms were going off!!Julianne managed to get a video of it, so ill see if i can put it on facebook for you all to see. as we were leaving however we got bog. and were stuck for about an hour i recon. we managed to get some college boys (or should i say men) to come and help us. but still didnt work. after two different cars tried to pull us with the help of the men we were still stuck. finally a third car came and we were finally able to get out.

Today i went out to breakfast with Luke, Damien and Julianne, as they had the day off school. Julianne and I also went to get our nails done. which was very nice. they used hot rocks to massage our legs!! well that is all for now, will update and add photos a little later, i believe we are about to go shopping. O did i mention i bought guess sun glasses for $21.

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Universal Studios & The Grove

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after the last update, i found bed bugs on my bed. at first it was one and i didnt think that was too much cause for concern. however 4th, 5th 6th was a little more worrying. especially since i had accidentally fallen asleep earlier in the day, i found red dots on my hand.. bites perhaps. deffinately need to change rooms. which is exactly what they did, which worked out to be better as i could no longer hear the traffic from the road. however i had some noisy neighbours.

Apparently you can eat, drink or chew gum on the train station or on the train.. weird much
So yesterday I ventured to universal studios. I had asked two different people and they both gave me two different train stops that i should get off at. So i was a little worried i would get off and get lost. However the stop universal city come and that seemed right. and with the massive amount of people that got off i knew it was right.
I was a little worried that i had left it a bit late to get there to get a front of line pass, however i was still able to get one. and i would highly recommend a front of line pass to anyone that goes, no waiting in the long line, straight to the front, first pick of seats on the shows, and so much easier to just roam around. I barely got everything done and i had a front of line pass, i cant imagine actually waiting in all the lines and still getting things done. the front of line pass also came with a behind the scene with some of the waterworld actors. The girl who plays helen, is actually bella's stunt double in twilight.

So i spent the whole day wondering around, but first i started off with the studio tour. which was so much fun, looking at the sets of desperate house wives, war of the worlds, and going into a model of a train station and sitting there as if all falls apart, fire, bits coming down through the ceiling, and a train almost hitting us. It was very cool to see it and should be a first stop for anyone when they go to universal studios.

By the time i left it was dark and i was completely exhausted. today i went down to the grove and the farmers market. honestly the grove wasnt what i expected, the shops didnt really interest me, and the farmers market was interesting however i couldnt spend that much time there. so i decided to go see a movie, planet 51, while i almost fell asleep during it, it was a good movie, although i was expecting it to be so much better as my expectations were high.

i was expecting it to be cold in LA, however the weather has been really nice and pritty hot. which is wonderful considering i left my sunnies at home so have had some trouble with that. o i forgot to mention the random guy that stopped me so he could take a photo of me. was the weirdest thing. why he wanted my photo ill have no idea.

will add photos when i can, doesnt seem to be letting me right now.

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