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good to know furbies arent allowed. can you even still buy them?

The plane ride was very nerve-racking for me, and this was not helped by the troubles we had at melbourne airport! We have boarded nice and early, and I found myself sitting inbehtween to women both from America. (and it seems that everyone around me is american!). So we are sitting down and an annoucement comes over that they are ready for push-back (is that what its called), and one of the women comment on how quick that was. Instead of getting books out or anything i figure ill just wait til we are in the when air. 10 minutes later, the airplane promtly loses power! great confidence booster that was! As it was 37 degrees the temperature begin to rise rapidly in the cabin. eventually they get the power back and we finally (after several more minutes) start moving. However we slowly move around the entire airport! apparently as the temperature is so hot it changes the calculations. I have no idea what time we actually took off but god, i think all flights from melbourne to LA are bad luck.



I had to wait for the women next to the window to go to the bathroom so i could take photos out of the window.
There were so many movies, tv shows and even games to play with. The two women show me that the control can be removed and also the head rest can be adjusted so you can sleep (thank god! as i had no idea how i was going to manage to get any!). I watch Time Travellers Wife, Transformers 2 (love that movie!) and Up. When i was falling asleep a flight spilt water all over me and after that i couldnt get back to sleep! it was kinda refreshing though. When arriving at LAX there was so much fog, that looking out the window i could not see the ground and was then suddenly landing when i thought we were much higher.

I was very anxious to clear customs and immigration, when lining up I kept thinking "what if they don't let me in? what do i do then" and was totally freaking out, of course i got through no troubles. Upon leaving i decided to catch a shuttle, takes you straight to the hotel but is about half the price of a taxi. The shuttle driver was crazy, pulling out no warning, going through red lights, not stopping at stop signs. The hotel had my room ready when i arrived to went straight in and organised stuff before going out. I was expecting it to be about 20 degrees, however after walking for 5 minutes i was boiling. so i had to go back to get changed. I then walked around Hollywood Blvd. Kodak theatre. Wax Museum. Hard Rock Cafe.


and also went on a celebrity house tour. I didn't think i would go on one, as i personally dont really mind if i see their houses or not, but i managed to get the guy to give it to me for cheaper (he noticed me walking around and starting calling me australia) so it was interesting to see the houses however i didnt take many photos. not like everyone else on the tour. i can barely even remember which houses are which so i have no idea how they will.

I'm pritty sure this is britneys house. i know i took a photo but not sure which one it is. haha.

There are so many entertainers on hollywood blvd. batman, dark vader, sleeping beauty, micheal jackson, samual l jackson. towards the end of the day, even elmo and sponge bob square pants were there!

Wow so this is really long and its only one day!

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One week to go.

sunny 27 °C

I can't believe that it is now only a week to go before I start my travels. 3 months. 3 continents. 13 countries. And a whole lot of adventures I'm sure. The heatwave that has currently taken over Melbourne has been good and bad for me. It makes me realize that for at least the first two month I will be missing the heat, however I can't wait to escape this heatwave! Above 27 degrees is just too hot for me. So I am not sure how I will go with dealing with the heat in South Africa, however I don't need to worry about that just yet. For now I am trying to pack and do all the last minute things.. worrying about being on a flight by myself for 14 hours is one of them! For my longest flight by myself has been from Melbourne to Adelaide. But by the end of my trip I will be well accustomed to flying by myself.

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