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Well, getting to Paris was definitely an ordeal. It ended up taking us almost 24 hours, and 7 trains to get to Paris. One overnight train, 3 hour stop-over in Germany. Then to be told one of our trains required reservation even though we had asked the person in Italy about one thousand times that we didnt have to reserve. And then every other train was already full. DISASTER.

Katelyn and Catherine are very much scared of pick pockets, and pritty much overreact to anything. "What if we get pick-pocketed and die?" "what if they pull a knife?" Putting them together, not a good idea. Any man who walks near us and they are freaked out. Granted awareness is warranted, but all they tend to do is freak each other out. "the train keeps moving from side to side" "what if it comes off the tracks?"

We arrived very late in Paris, after wondering around to find our hostel it was bed time. The next day while moving to our hotel, DISASTER struck again. Catherine started to feel sick. At first we all thought it was because she hadnt eaten much since we were constantly on trains the day before. It soon became obvious however that it wasn't that. A quick message to amber as a hint to what it could be was in hind sight not a good idea. Catherine then pritty much started to freak out. It wasnt however until much later that things got much worse and it was time to go to the hospital. From 9pm til 4 am we were at the hospital. Missed New Years. However I always feel that New Years is overrated so it wasnt that big of a deal. (especially when we found out that there was no fireworks at the eiffel tower)

The next day we slept. Got up for the free breakfast, got Catherine's drugs and then slept again. It was a very preductive day. The next day we did alot better. Katelyn and I left Catherine (who still wasnt up to much) to go on the free walking tour. The group was massive with about 60 people. We met an American, who had recognised us from our hostel, which was good cause we then didnt have to figure out how to get back.

That night we went on a Pub Crawl. I expected a little more free drinks, as it had promised alot more then what was given. However the night was still really fun. The American and another Aussie we run into at the restaurant also joined us. The club was by far the best place, however drinks were mega expensive. Apparently a beer was 12 euro. Dont even want to know how much my normal drink would have been.

Since we went out last night, we had a sleep day again today. Although we managed to go to the Louve. It was a quick walk in, see the Mona Lisa, take photos, get squashed by others and find our way out again. Of course we looked at the paintings there and back, but navigating our way through was hard. The Louve is free on sundays, like quiet a lot of europian museum.

Tonight we plan on visiting and climbing the Eiffel Tower, as the view is suppose to be amazing. However Catherine and Katelyn are currently in bed sleep. Don't Know if we will actually make it but fingers crossed.

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This will be a short entry as we were only in Pisa for about 1 hour. Yes that's right, and the trains are to blame! So i got up bright and early (6 30am!) to talk to the family back home, (isn't it suppose to be them going out of their way to talk to me??) and was well and truly ready for our 8 10 train. Even early enough to get Macca's breakfast. However it was not good enough to satisfy my craving as it was ham and not BACON! i tried to ask for bacon but she just smiled and gave me ham (DAMN HER!). It was then that we were like what does "suppresso" mean, apparently it means cancelled due to weather. After waiting in line for half an hour the man was not helpful at all and we didnt think we would even be able to make it to pisa and get to Venice before 8 (lastest check in for our hotel).

Eventually we got an a train at 10 to Pisa. Getting on was a rush as we didnt have to reserve, pulling bags up the steps is getting more and more difficult. It was while we were looking for a cabin that I caught some one trying to pick pocket me! why does everyone go for me? is it the blonde hair? i would seriously change. But i caught him trying to get his hand in my bag and yelled so that catherine and katelyn would be aware of what he was trying to do. those sneaky basterds. It looked like it was all going to work. Then it starts raining and hailing. yup bad sign. By the time we actually got to the Leaning Tower of Pisa we would not make it back to make our connecting train. (Really starting to push our check in time now). I was very disappointed that (as it seems to be with my trip) we were not allowed on the grass. This made it difficult to do the "photos". Katelyn was very suprised that there was actually other buildings there and not just the leaning Tower of Pisa. I dunno what she actually expected.

I am currently sitting in the Lobby of the hotel on their free wi-fi. Why dont they just let us use it in our rooms. It would be much more helpful (especially when i was downloading tv shows :P). I am already loving Venice and its just like i remember it being. Apart from the bridges. with a heavy bag its really hard to walk up and down and up and down and up and down. Katelyn managed to get a male to help her once. That lucky girl. why does she get all the help and i get all the people trying to steal my stuff!

After spending a day in Venice tomorrow we are off to Paris. This is going to be a very difficult trip with lots of changes as everything was booked out. Lets just hope we get to Paris in time! Will hopefully be able to update when in Paris.

ciao ciao

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When in Rome..

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The over night train from Vienna to Rome was a worry for us. Catherine and I were in one cabin, while Katelyn was in another. However three people didn't even show up for ours, but katelyn decided to stay in her cabin as a she was with a family and her bag was already safely put away. It was like the worst night sleep ever, barely slept and the train felt like it was going too fast and we would fall.

Rome on Christmas, alot of things were closed. Which we had expected. Katelyn and Catherine were really exhausted and ended up sleeping almost the whole day (i sat and watched vampire diaries since i am now thoroughly obsessed with it). We went out to dinner, which wasn't that nice at all catherines meal was burnt. We walked around to see some sights at night, colosseum and the fountain. We had Gelati which was AMAZING!


Our hostel in Rome was horrible. First they walked into our room while Catherine and Katelyn were sleeping. (Apparently to give us sheets which we never received). We didn't have sheets on our single bed, so the three of us all had to sleep in the same bed. Then breakfast that was 2 euros was just a croissant (as none of us drink coffee). We were ready to try to leave, however decided to wait it out one more night. Upon returning to our room after breakfast, we find out door wide open. We had checked that it was locked before we left. The cleaners were all the way down the other end of the hall. considering our room is the first room you see when you look in, we were not impressed. And then the guy started to aggressive saying "we better find the sheets" coz he personally put them in here. Even though he hadn't as we looked everywhere. We decided then it was time to leave, Katelyn was then on a mission to get our money back and move. I stayed with our bags in a information centre as the two girls went off. Finally we got our money back and then it was an issue of where to stay. We had also been recommended to Yellow hostel, and decided to try our luck there. It was booked out. However the hotel behind was available and wasn't too much.

That day we went to the Colosseum during the day to go inside. The weather was miserable! Raining and Cold. We decided to pay the extra 8 euro for a tour. Which was a MASSIVE mistakes. The guy was the worst tour ever. He spent 40 minutes in the same area, trying to think of different words to describe how the crowd was feeling. After that we couldnt take the weather any more so it was time to go back to the hotel and do laundry! We started drinking in our hotel room, as there is a bar downstairs that we thought we would use. However we never made it too that bar, and by the time we were ready the happy hour was over. Instead at 1am we decided to head out into Rome to find a place to go out. This however was a mistake, as Catherine and I very soon got sick of the Italian men. We didn't end up going into the club, however Katelyn and her friend did. Upon hearing stories from the night before, I'm glad i didn't go out. I dont think i could have handled all the attention. Being Blonde in Italy is NOT a good thing.



Today we went to the Vatican, we decided to follow the crowds as we didn't want to get lost. There was a massive crowd and we couldnt figure out why. It was then, when the crowd erupted that we realised the Pope was speaking. The ONE and ONLY. However he was very small, reading out of a window instead of the balcony that is generally seen in movies. We then proceeded to go into what we thought was the Sistine Chapel. It was not. And when we found this out, and made our way to the Sistine chapel we were like 10 minutes late and couldnt get in. Totally Devistated.


Tomorrow we are off the Pisa bright and early, and then onto Venice. Tomorrow I am hoping to fulfill my Macca's Craving!

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Prague & Austria

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After taking a day to get over the night out, we got up early to make it to the free walking tour. I love the free walking tours, with just tipping them makes it so much easier. The Prague walking tour went for about 3 hours with a break in the middle for a quick bite to eat. Thank god since we were running late (as usual) and didn't have time to eat breakfast. I have been craving Macca's bacon and egg mcmuffin for ages and I still have not had it! Its killing me.


Prague is a really beautiful city, and I loved walking around looking at all the buildings and the history. Through the world wars, russian rule. Some of it was really quiet sad and depressing. For example the concentration camps where only 10% of the kids survived, and a woman (forgot her name yes I know) encouraged them to draw. Just before she was killed, she hide all the drawings. These drawings are the only evidence that these kids were ever here. The Jewish area was left throughout the war so that Hitler could have a walk through musuem of an "extinct race". Well thats what our guide said anyway.

We have had the worst luck with trains. Every single train we have caught has been delayed. It is getting ridiculous. I blame katelyn, as we never had problems before. We arrived in Vennia at night and only spent one night/day there. It would have been nice to be there for longer as Vienna was even more beautiful then Prague, and going skiing/snowboarding in Austria would have been amazing!


We were all very bummed to find out that there was no free walking tour in Vienna, we saw buildings (that was the easy part) however knowthing what the buildings were and the history for very hard. So that was really annoying. However since we were there on Christmas Eve, and Austrian celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve that was nice. We got to see the Christmas stalls which was nice, however every third shop was the same. So it looked really massive but there was only like 10 different types of shops.


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Euro Trip

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Our last day in London started off with a trip to the Tower of London. Listening to Matt (for once) we got there shortly after it opened and there was no one else there! We went straight to the Crown Jewels so that we could take our time looking at them and not have to push and shove to see them. It was a bit of a pain that we couldn’t take photos (security I know but still). We then wondered through towers with names such as Bloody Tower. Including the one where Anne Boleyn was held captive in the last days of her life.


After the Tower of London we did some gift shopping, (well I did Catherine watched) and then it was off to our airport hotel. And might I say we were both very much looking forward to having nice warm showers, watching TV, lying in a nice comfy bed and so forth. The journey however ended up being much more complicated then we had thought (nowhere on the internet has it stated which terminal the hotel was near, and Heathrow is MASSIVE). Two trains and one bus later and we were there. The bed was incredible; Catherine immediately put the heating up to 22. Having a restaurant also made it easier and more relaxing dinner.

After arriving in Copenhagen (Catherine made it through the flight thanks to some drugs) it was funny that we didn’t have to fill out any immigration forms and just stamped our passport and we were in. After mucking around organising trains to Prague we were off to Hellerup. Upon leaving the station, I walked out the wrong way and was very confused as to what was going on. Luckily Amber was calling me back and she faced me in the right direction (what can I say I was only eight after all). We walked up the main road and it wasn’t long before I could see the faithful BR sign. It was a quick look inside and then off down the street to my old house. The street is much smaller then I remember it being, but the house is exactly the same (apart from the front, thought there was more room). I did some snooping around, and got a look at the backyard, looks like the bouche pit and sand pit are gone however it could have just been under snow.


I didn’t end up going to Rygaards as I didn’t think I would have enough time (and wasn’t sure I wouldn’t get lost!). We went to see the statue of the Little Mermaid, and can I say that I remembered what the name for her was so I didn’t get lost one bit! I don’t remember the second statue being there, but it was nice to see it. Since it was cold someone had made penguin ice sculptures that were places near the statue.


It was then back to central Copenhagen and time to find food to get us through our 12 hour train ride! It was while wondering around that I noticed Tivoli and the colourful cinema. This was a nice surprise.


We met up with Katelyn after dinner and it was off to Prague. Our trip to Prague was long, two trains and one bus. The overnight train was like the Hogwarts trains (and the same I had been on to Austria back in the day). After waking up, we found out that the train had been delayed by 2 hours, yup there goes all our connections. After getting to our stop and organising other connections, the train was delayed again, and yes we had to reschedule the bus again! Never rely on trains!

please disregard my awful hair!

We arrived late in Prague, and due to the language barrier it took us a while to work out where we needed to go (and after consulting with a map a few dozen times). The hostel is actually really nice, the shower heads are a bit weird, but other than that it’s pretty good. We went walking to find some food and it was then that we realised just how cheap everything was! We had dinner at a little Italian restaurant, and I think we scared the people there as we were all very loud, having just spent 24 hours travelling and only now just catching up properly with Katelyn. We ended up meeting these guys (who we believed to be from Czech) and were talking about them when we realised as we were about to leave that they understood every single word we had said! They told us they were going to go to a pub after dinner and we said we might come down. After going back to the hostel and getting ready we headed out to the place for a few drinks. Which turned into many.


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